Manara is a social impact startup whose mission is to unlock the human potential of the Middle East & North Africa, uplifting the region's economy and diversifying the global tech sector. We focus especially on Palestine and women. We are experienced founders, operators, and technologists with leading investors (including Reid Hoffman, Jessica Livingston, Stripe, Y Combinator, Seedcamp) and advisers from companies in similar spaces (Andela, Lambda School, and Honeypot).

This region has a rapidly growing population and a highly educated, diverse population. But nobody has cracked the puzzle of employment: college graduates face the highest youth unemployment in the world. Women are particularly impacted: in Palestine, 52% of computer science students are women, but 83% of them are unemployed. We run an entirely remote solution to identify the top talent, familiarize them with interviewing approaches, vet them, and find them amazing jobs (whether remote or on-site). It works: at Google 71% of our referrals in our last batch were hired.We don’t stop at job placement.

Our vision is to build the top tech talent community in this region and support them at each stage in their lifecycle: how to get a promotion, become a manager, be the first woman engineer on a team, etc. The community is driven by a tech product that facilitates connection, shared learning, and motivation.

To achieve our ambitious mission, we are seeking a bilingual Content Producer/ Storyteller (Arabic & English) to join the Marketing Team. We also welcome more experienced (or more junior!) candidates as long as you are willing to do the immediate work needed.


Your role is to lead all the content production unit within the Marketing department to drive compelling communication and storytelling to reach key audiences in B2C/ B2B and grow our community.


Note: Diverse candidates often screen themselves out of job applications if they don’t have all the qualifications. Please apply if you’re excited about the role - we’d love to see your application!

  • Experienced: 3+ years experience in developing content for key marketing channels including social media, email newsletters and video content
  • Writing: Stellar writing skills in both Arabic and English; understanding of news writing techniques
  • Fundamentals: Understanding of story fundamentals (effective character, trajectory, hook, authenticity/details and calls-to-action)
  • Creative Storytelling: Keen sense of newsworthiness (what makes a story interesting from the audience’s perspective)
  • Interviewing skills: How to ask effective questions and develop rapport/trust with story subjects
  • Storyboarding experience: Understanding the effectiveness and appropriateness of story assets (text, images, audio, video) and how to combine them
  • Production skills: Visual, audio and video content creation experience; well-developed eye/ear for best practices in each
  • Strong Communicator & Collaborator: Ability to explain Manara’s value proposition convincingly and succinctly. A good listener, a strong writer, and a clear professional communicator. Ability to collaborate across teams to reach a shared purpose in a positive and productive manner.
  • Able to speak to software engineers: Our primary audience is software engineers. You don't need to already have familiarity with them, but you do need to be excited to get to know them and create stories and other content that will appeal to them.
  • Learning-Minded: Track record of continuously improving upon a marketing approach and processes based on measurable results and the success of strategies/tactics. Willing to test, ask questions, and test again to continually improve services and results across all areas.
  • Entrepreneurial: A self-starter and equally comfortable with collaboration and autonomy. Thrives in a growing environment, contributes creative ideas, takes feedback in stride. You're comfortable with ambiguity.
  • Team Player: Willing to pitch in at all levels of the organization, not self-focused, unafraid to dig into the nitty-gritty work.
  • Mission-driven: Passionate about social impact, committed to Manara's mission.

Knock our socks off:

  • Social media expertise, especially platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Design skills. You have an eye for what looks nice, and can create basic designs using templates in Figma or Photoshop.
  • Industry expertise. You have knowledge of and experience with MENA & European tech scene and the talent industry.
  • Fluent in French for our growing talent pool in North Africa is a plus!


    We are a fully remote team, so you can be located anywhere, but we think you'll be most successful if you're located in the Middle East - Palestine, Jordan, Dubai, etc. Our talent community are based in the Middle East & North Africa, and clients in USA, Europe, and Dubai.