About Manara:

Manara is a social impact startup whose mission is to unlock the human potential of the Middle East & North Africa, uplifting the region's economy and diversifying the global tech sector. We focus especially on Palestine and women. We are experienced founders, operators, and technologists with leading investors (including Reid Hoffman, Jessica Livingston, Stripe, Y Combinator, Seedcamp) and advisers from companies in similar spaces (Andela, Lambda School, and Honeypot).

This region has a rapidly growing population and a highly educated, diverse population. But nobody has cracked the puzzle of employment: college graduates face the highest youth unemployment in the world. Women are particularly impacted: in Palestine, 52% of computer science students are women, but 83% of them are unemployed. We run an entirely remote solution to identify the top talent, familiarize them with interviewing approaches, vet them, and find them amazing jobs (whether remote or on-site). It works: at Google 71% of our referrals in our last batch were hired.

We don’t stop at job placement. Our vision is to build the top tech talent community in this region and support them at each stage in their lifecycle: how to get a promotion, become a manager, be the first woman engineer on a team, etc. The community is driven by a tech product that facilitates connection, shared learning, and motivation.

Your Role:

We are looking for a HubSpot Administrator who is equal parts HubSpot developer, CRM Project Manager, and big systems thinker. You will work closely with all of our teams (from sales and marketing to program administration) to streamline cross functional workflows and ensure HubSpot is a powerful source of truth for all of Manara’s daily operations and reporting needs.

You will be responsible for driving adoption of our new HubSpot instance, developing new capabilities, creating reports, improving existing processes, deploying new processes, and supporting users to accelerate growth and scale. This is an ideal position for someone who likes to wear many hats, and wants to play a pivotal role in building a strong foundation for growth at an early stage startup.

We expect the right person for this job to have expert level experience with HubSpot’s Sales, and Marketing Hubs with proficiency in Service, Operations and CMS Hub. You will be responsible for owning all key aspects of HubSpot, ensuring it is configured optimally and that each team member has what they need to successfully complete their daily job functions.

Top skills:

  • SQL
  • Node.js/Javascript
  • Familiar with Hubspot custom code functionalities

We need our HubSpot administrator to:

  • Provide day-to-day support on Hubspot, prioritizing and processing requests, including data imports/exports, reporting, and other ad hoc requests.
  • Create custom hubspot dashboards and reports.
  • Support our marketing and sales Teams with CMS integration, HubSpot campaign configuration, tracking, and A/B testing.
  • Configure and maintain a custom built bi-directional API (node.js) between Manara’s proprietary service provision portal and HubSpot.
  • Write SQL queries and manage ETL pipeline.
  • Assist cross-functional teams with defining process requirements and change requests.
  • Manage and maintain the integrity of how all custom object records are used and communicated with.
  • Define, create, update, and maintain workflows and automations to support business processes and requirements, including tracking of changes governed by changing business requirements (with proper documentation).
  • Identify, implement, manage and maintain integrations with relevant third-party systems such as stripe, quickbooks, canvas and fathom.
  • Monitor and maintain Hubspot infrastructure and data for integrity, accuracy, and connectivity.
  • Create and maintain a roadmap of necessary changes and enhancements to the Hubspot configuration and infrastructure.
  • Create and maintain documentation, including diagrams and explanations of how data flows in, out, and throughout Hubspot.
  • Provide training to internal teams on how to use HubSpot for their daily activities.

What You Bring:

  • Background: 3+ years of experience as a HubSpot administrator with demonstrated coding experience in platform.
  • Working Style: You are a self motivated, excellent communicator with strong project management skills.
  • Remote: You have experience working on effective remote teams & thrive in such environments. You work well across time zones (e.g., you communicate effectively via asynchronous oral & verbal channels).
  • Passion for Manara’s mission of creating a community that unlocks the full potential of top tech talent in MENA (with a focus on Palestine & women)


Manara is a fully remote team. Due to the nature of this role we are looking for someone who can align their schedule with our leadership team from, at minimum, 8:00 am - 1:00 pm PST Mon - Friday. This is a full time role and other working hours can be completed outside of that time window.